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Our Story


Guided by looking to traditional techniques and combining state-of-the-art equipment, we fuse unique handcrafting skills from Cornwall to create a stunning collection of gifts and prints. We make everything in batches, by hand.


Every fragrance tells a story

During the development stage of our candles we, as a family, took a trip to London. We were visiting relatives who were visiting from overseas. It was a wonderful opportunity for us all to share news and catch up. 

As is quite often the case, the inspiration for Cornish Sea Breeze, which is now our number one selling fragrance, came quite by surprise and literally out of the blue. 

Our family trip to London was such a short trip and we were really busy seeing all the tourist sights and sounds. We had flown to and from London and, as we got back off of the plane in Newquay and walked the short distance from the plane to the car park my daughter turned around to us and made a statement that little did I know at the time would provide the basis for our Cornish Collection.


It was a warm summers evening and the wind was gently blowing, Lucie turned to us and said I never knew air could smell so sweet.... no really she continued it’s lovely. I’m so happy to be home.

/  Liz wells, co-founder  /



I pondered her statement which was said so innocently, so matter-of-fact, on the way home. She was right - we were so fortunate to live in a place that had such clean, fresh air and it was so welcome after having spent some days in the capital where the air was often polluted.

So Cornish Sea Breeze was born. We carefully sourced a fragrance that would replicate the fresh sweet crispness of that evening. Lucie loves it and judging by the volume of sales we have had already so do our customers. I really do hope that you will enjoy it and our range of Cornish-inspired products.

Throughout the development of our products we not only wanted to honour the Cornish past but learn the lessons it has given us by embracing innovation, looking for new ways of working and seeking pioneering solutions. We have used tin as the base of our candles in recognition of the history that has shaped the rugged beauty that is the Cornish landscape. We use Soy as its renewable sustainability respects the environment and our cotton and linen wicks are an innovative new flat wick minimising afterglow and smoking.

Our prints and canvases help to display captured glimpses of its landscape to provide inspiration. We hope that, like those who have gone before us who took inspiration from the landscape, to produce innovation that impacted the world. Our candles and scents which have been developed to reflect the inspiration, hope and life that we have personally experienced living in Cornwall, will positively impact the globe.


By combining art, light and scents, we aim to, if only in a small way, replicate the outstanding beauty of this remarkable County.

/  Liz Wells, co-founder  /



Our products carry the Made in Cornwall Logo

Cornwall County Council's Trading Standards Service launched The ‘Made in Cornwall’ scheme, or Approved Origin scheme as it is officially known, in 1991 to protect the identity of genuine Cornish products. It introduced the distinctive Engine House logo that members of the scheme can use on their products so that the public can buy goods safe in the knowledge that what they are purchasing is indeed Made in Cornwall.


Before products are allowed to carry the Made in Cornwall logo they need to be assessed by Trading Standards to ensure that they are indeed being made in Cornwall, that the business attempts to source ingredients or raw materials from within the County (with extra merit given to those that do) and that the finished products comply with the relevant UK and EU regulations. Therefore any business wishing to become a member of the Scheme will firstly receive a visit from the Trading Standards Team.

Official Made in Cornwall