The Scent of Relaxation

When we moved down to Cornwall from our hectic London life, we embraced every peaceful moment we could. Walking down the beautiful un-spoilt coastlines, tasting traditional Cornish foods, the wildlife, visiting the tiny thatched roofed villages. And yes, many of the villages are as tiny as you expect. People in the city say it is “like stepping back in time”, they are not wrong. For us, this was what we needed: simplicity and a change of scenery. Let us put this into perspective, Cornwall has a population of just over 500,000, London is 3 times smaller than Cornwall, however has a population of 10.66 million; roughly 20 times the amount of people for the space. (According to the Cornwall council 2011 census and the world population review).

Gyllyngvase Beach Sunrise, Cornwall

So as you ponder on this staggering fact, we will continue to appreciate the wonderful views, the fresh salt air and the tranquility we have been offered from the Southwest.

As we were stepping into this new path of life, every inch of Cornwall we explored, we would search for inspirational scents that we thought would reflect the magic of Cornwall and our green British countryside.

We knew we wanted our candle scents to have both beautiful fragrances and health benefits, that was a given. Beauty can be interpreted in many ways: aside from appearance and smells, it can also be experienced within the mind, be it through evoking precious memories, or relaxation.
— Liz Wells, Co-Founder

When we started thinking about creating a candle that could have relaxation benefits we knew just the fragrance: lavender. It is a flower that is so attractive to the eye, so delightful to the nose, and so peaceful for the mind.

Pondering over the idea of our lavender candle, we started our research. From working in health care we knew the health benefits lavender possesses, but we were surprised at just how powerful this lilac shrub plant is.

This plant traces back to around 2800 years ago, and has been around nearly as long as mankind. It is a natural remedy that helps you relax and unwind. It has been proven to benefit both your sleep and also your mood by lowering your blood pressure and your heart rate.

Lavern Spa, naturally relaxing

It is known to benefit:

  • Pain relief
  • Headaches/migraines
  • Asthma
  • Relaxation
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Muscle relaxation
  • Fungal infections
  • Hair loss
  • Insomnia

With all this in mind we knew this was going to be the perfect next candle. The name “Lavender Spa” seemed very fitting. It combined our passion for health, Cornwall and the environment, yet evoked memories of our rare relaxation times in the city; sat in our local spa.

We sat and thought about many breathtaking moments we shared together as a family. From the gorgeous coastal walks, sharing each other’s company, chatting away, (as our children would say “banter”), enjoying deliciously fresh food at the Hidden Hut on Porthcurnick Beach (one of our favorite finds on our walks from Portscatho to St Mawes).

Our candle is made with love and precision, and takes you to a relaxed place only lavender can.

Perran Sands Sunset


• up to 40 hour burn time (Jar), up to 20 hour burn time (Tin)

• we use natural scented soy wax as this is more environmentally friendly than paraffin wax

• we use natural cotton-linen wicks as this is a sustainable source

• we do not use dyes and our products do not contain parabens or additives

• all of our products are vegan & vegetarian friendly

• we do not test our products (or ingredients) on animals

• all of our products and packaging are highly recyclable; we have also eliminated the use of plastic wherever possible

• we reuse packaging materials where possible for shipping to help reduce our carbon footprint

• our products are IFRA compliant and certified by Trading Standards