The Heritage Collection

The people of Britain are still basking in the joy and glory of the beautiful royal wedding of Prince Harry and the lovely Meghan Markle. On the day of the wedding, the sun was beaming down; there was an obvious feeling of celebration throughout the whole world. As we walked through our dainty thatch roofed village to watch this special occasion with our beloved friends, we noticed families out in their gardens: chatting, dancing, and laughing: the wedding playing in the background. You could not help but feel the vibe of excitement and love all around.

We were all reminded of the pride we feel towards our stunning country... A moment of connecting with your loved ones... Of appreciating romance... It was day to remember who we are. As the day dawned to an end and the air began to cool, it became apparent to us that our love for each other and our passion for our business, really shines through in our candles and scents; and in relation to Britain: our Heritage Collection.
— Liz Wells, Co-Founder
English Street Party for the Royal Wedding

When you think British, what do you think? This was a question we pondered for a long time. There are many traditional British habits that got us chuckling, however for obvious reasons, we did not want a candle with a fragrant reminiscent of a ‘British Fry Up’! We finally concluded our candle collection to include ‘Blackberry and Rhubarb, Bluebell, and Eden’
One of our new scents was designed with an aim of capturing the beauty of our fresh and pleasant land! Eden, which means ‘delight’, projects a state of happiness and content wellbeing. In 1810, the famous English poet and artist William Blake described “England’s green and pleasant land”. And it is true, the English countryside and coastline are some of the most beautiful in the world, our country may be small, but it is full of wonders. From the Scottish Highlands, to the Stunning southwest coast of Devon and Cornwall and all in between, every aspect (by its sheer magnificence) has inspired our Eden fragrance. Close your eyes and picture a floral explosion, on a fresh spring morning, in an English garden. The birds are chirping, awakening from a night in their nests. A robin perched elegantly, sipping from the rustic birdbath beneath the oak tree. Morning sunlight is breaking through the clouds, creating patterns of light on the green hills beyond. We cannot argue that this is a truly enchanting feeling.


I’m sure that many of us can remember blackberry picking as a child. And I'm sure if we were to ask our parents, they would be sure to have ventured out picking these traditional fruits as a child also. Carrying the woven straw basket under the crease of your arm, it swings side to side as your skip alongside hedgerows, ripe shiny dark berries bursting out from the luscious leaves. You grab as many as you can, careful not to squeeze too hard and loose the juices inside them. Your eyes crease and sparkle as you sneak a smile; excited at the prospect of your afternoon snack of berries. We wanted to combine sweet emotions that blackberries take us back to, with rhubarb, another classic throughout our history for centuries. Rhubarb is known for being quite bitter, but
combined with sweetness it is absolutely delicious, in both smell and taste. Every serving of rhubarb provides 45% of your daily vitamin K, which supports healthy bone growth and can even help prevent Alzheimer’s. Health and wellbeing is just as important as our view on sustainability, so we want our candles to take you to a place where you feel relaxed and well.

Finally, Bluebell. We are proud that almost half the world's bluebells are found in the UK; they are a British beauty marking the shift from spring to summer. A duvet of lilac descends upon Britain in May, turning once green land into an array of dancing flowers, a sign of the warm summer air to come. Their petals twist and twirl in the breeze, provocatively revealing their royal blue under coat of petals. Their short window of life is precious; the show must amaze all who see! A true symbol of everlasting love and gratitude, the Bluebells of Britain will continue year on year to perform for us.

Blackberry Soy Wax Fragrance

So, on the subject of our Heritage Collection, we would like to finish by saying how delighted and honored we are that Prince Charles, who was responsible for some of the most moving moments, is returning to his beloved Cornwall in two weeks time. We are over joyed to be showcasing our sustainable product range at the Royal Cornwall Show, and the opportunity to share our love and concern for the environment with Charles is one not to be missed.
 We will be at the Royal Cornwall Show with our stunning collection of handcrafted candles, prints, greeting